Pet Supplies and Prescriptions

Pet supplies South Temecula Veterinary Hospital & Pet Hotel

New Prescriptions: Having convenient and immediate access to the many preventive and therapeutic medicines at our hospital ensures pets can start recommended medications right away. The convenience of seeing your pet's doctor and being able to pick up your pet's prescription medication on a single visit reduces the time and cost you may incur, avoids multiple stops, and the risk of heat-related injury from leaving your pet in the car while you run into the pharmacy.

Refills: If you need to refill medication, our staff will verify that the medication is intended to be part of your pet's ongoing treatment and that the medication does not conflict with any of your pet's other conditions or treatments prior to refilling. Please understand that while we know a wait can pose an inconvenience, refills do require review of your pet's medical record prior to filling every time. Federal law also tightly regulates how we prescribe and dispense medications, which may mean we aren't able to fill a particular medication or the quantity requested, depending on the medication and the date of your pet's last examination; all prescriptions require and cannot exceed the due date of a current annual examination of your pet at minimum. Please allow for advanced notice prior to running out of your pet's medications so that we can be sure your pet will continue uninterrupted treatment.

Special Orders: If we don't have an item or prescription in stock, we can almost always get it at a competitive price. Some medications, prescription diets, or supplements must always be special ordered for your pet and can take 2 days to over a week to receive. Please remember to put in refill requests early to avoid gaps in treatment!