Pet Euthanasia

Animal euthanasia helping hands

Deciding to euthanize a pet is an agonizing process for a family to go through. Though you will likely experience a wide range of complicated emotions as the time approaches, it is important that you are prepared for this event and deal with the feelings as they come. Saying goodbye is never easy, but rest easy knowing that you are able to give the bravest and greatest gift to your pet by relieving him or her from ongoing suffering. You will undoubtedly feel very emotional and your pet will sense these feelings so it is important that you stay strong and let him or her know that you are there to comfort them.

Discuss this and any concerns you may have with your veterinarian, and please ask questions. Our veterinarians are very familiar with the experience and are able to talk with you about the process, the emotional impact of pet loss, and provide you with the peace of mind that you are making the right decision for your beloved companion.

Please take time to consider whether you would like to be present during the euthanasia process. Most people wish to be present to comfort their pet and to say goodbye during the final moments, but others feel that the experience would be too much to handle and choose instead to remember their pet living. We may provide your pet with a sedative to reduce any distress he or she may feel and place an IV catheter to ensure a pain-free passing. If you elect not to be present, your pet will be surrounded by our gentle staff and even offered a delicious treat before they pass in loving arms. If you choose to be present, you may take as long as you'd like in a private room to say your farewells before the doctor comes in, and after your beloved passes.

We also offer home euthanasia services for those too ill to travel, or who prefer their pets pass in the comfort of their own homes. Please contact us for more information.

Pet loss can be very challenging, but there are pet loss support groups available throughout the country. If you have specific questions or concerns about quality of life consultations, euthanasia, or you would like more information regarding the diagnosis, treatment, or palliative (hospice) care of your pet, please contact our veterinarians.