South Temecula Veterinary Hospital & Pet Hotel in Temecula boarding


Whether young or old, healthy, or special needs, we will do our very best to make your pet's stay with us a happy and comfortable experience. Bedding, sensitive-stomach food, fresh water, and minimum twice daily walks are provided. We want to make sure that your pet receives their medications and food, if on a restricted diet, while boarding with us, so please be sure to bring all medications and special foods they are currently taking.

Our highly experienced boarding staff will care for your pet and to report any problems such as decreased appetite, tummy upset or any symptom of illness to the attending doctors, a major benefit of our hospital compared to an everyday kennel. We require emergency contact information be provided in case of need to advise a pet owner or authorized representative of any of these problems, and recommend an examination with one of our doctors when warranted. If we are unable to contact you and the doctor feels there are serious problems, your pet will be treated and normal fees will be charged, per our boarding agreement. It is very important that you leave a contact number so we can reach you in an emergency or to pre-approve any potential treatments.

Even with the best care, boarding can be stressful because your pet is in a new environment full of many new smells, and his routines and habits are interrupted. Stress is minimized at South Temecula Veterinary Hospital & Pet Hotel by expert staff, attentiveness, proper handling, and strict sanitation protocols. Additionally, all boarding pets are required to be current on their annual exam and vaccinations (distempter-parvo, bordetella, leptospirosis, and rabies for dogs; RCP and rabies for cats), to decrease the risk of communicable illnesses. It is recommended that all boarding pets be on parasite prevention as part of a healthy lifestyle. While it is still possible for problems to occur despite all precautions we take, our stringent requirements reduce this risk as much as possible.

Please call or contact us today to learn more about our boarding services.

Save time by visiting the forms section of our page to pre-print and complete our boarding consent form prior to drop-off.